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This game is addictive and highly annoying at times but you just have to keep trying until you win and thats where it starts. You can pass away otherwise boring hours with this nail bitingly intense game that has two game plays, Pins and Wheels. But don’t take our word for it download it for free and see for yourslef. It uses Game Centre so you can set or respond to challenges from players around the world!

Skrill Partners with Safaricom for UK to MPESA Transfers


UK online payment gateway, Skrill, partnered with Safaricom in January 2016 which will see Kenyans living in the diaspora sending money to Kenya affordably and with the minimum of fuss. The new partnership signals the onset of serious competition in the UK to Kenya international transfer sector. With competitive rates and easy to use control panel sending to MPESA from the UK never has to be a problem again.

We will be bringing you more information soon on how you can get yourself a free Skrill account and start sending money from the UK to MPESA in Kenya, for less.

Why can’t we take pictures in Junction Mall again? Why?

Sorry people but not being allowed to take a selfie or a picture of my buddies and I whilst we eat pizza in Nairobi don’t make sense to me! How on this planet earth is anyone taking a picture in or around tourist hotspots in the captital a security risk? Hold on, tourists come to Magical Kenya to create memories which involves taking pictures but I saw some police trying to extract money from a British couple just because they wanted to take a pic of themselves beside a tree on Ngong Road outside Junction. What!!?? Inside junction or any other mall in Nairobi is just the same. But somebody please please remind me what it is about a snap shot of a bunch of guys eating outside Jungle Bungle that could assist a terror attack? The terrorists in Westgate had building plans and a key, probably several of them, not pictures! Or, are we just trying to look vigilant but actually not really doing anything but annoying everyone. I can understand if we were talking about State House or another government building in town, but leisure and entertainment centres! Really? OK, maybe if I got out a tripod and a 24 inch long zoom lens with a crew 4 strong and we positioned ourselves facing the security search point, then that would be understandable. But a stupid mobile phone taking a pic outside Nakumatt?

I was once reprimanded because I forgot the highly security sensitive rule by taking a picture of my 4 year old son beside my car in the Junction Mall car park on the top level, where they have the Maasai Market on Thursday, although it was a Monday. Nothing else was in the photo but my car and my son! What the f***! Maybe I’m missing something here, such as the remote access potential terrorists may have to my Samsung’s photo gallery which may enable them to effectively reconstruct the architectural plans, all of the service entry points to the building with escape routes, along with existing security vulnerabilities. What the f***!? Surely, our energy should be going elsewhere.

Who thought of this stupid rule and who can I slap for enforcing it?

Just my take, have yours.

Vera, in my books, has less class than Huddah which places her somewhere between low and bottomed out, if you may pardon the pun. In my opinion this is mainly because most of what she relies on is fake, like her skin tone and her breasts. It appears that she guns after Huddah because she is rather envious since her own methods involve mysterious trips to Nigeria which for a woman, in anyone’s world, would most definitely involve freeing up her suppossedly “world record” holding buttocks to all manner of Naija businessmen and crooks. I know Nigeria and Nigerians very well and no chic looking like Vera can travel to Nigeria to “do business” with no education or upbringing to speak of, without taking it up the Rift Valley at every turn. Sorry, I’m just saying!

There is also the issue of her being unsuccessful in securing the “Attention Seekers Holy Grail and Pathway to Socialite Status Achievement” appointment; Big Brother Africa! And Huddah did so without taking off her draws, well at least not in front of the judges anyway.

I am sure that Huddah Monroe herself would not claim to be a role model even if many youths and young people the world over feel as though she is. I am not really a fan but for the purposes of this forum I had to do a little research about the Kenyan “socialite” born Alhuda Njoroge, in 1991.

Some observations:

Her Past is too Dubious to make Her a Role Model

Having “Freelance Modelling” as your claim to an education is in itself, dubious. Is there even such a college course and what would the curriculum be? Attending a modelling agency’s “course” is not really an education is it? To mention somehwere else of a Diploma in Programming sounds like you’re making things up or including a basic unrecognised back street college course that was never actually completed. If you are truly well educated then let the youths know and let them admire you for that.

If one of your main endearing qualities is “loves clubbing” and another is “loves showing off”, coupled with a desire to seek attention from men and hatred from women; you have dubious qualities. None of this qualifies her as a “role model.” The problem is that the youth do not realise this and probabl wouldn’t care if they did. I’m sure there are young ladies (and perhaps some older) dreaming to get just a brief insight into how Huddah makes her money. Or should we say how she “gets” all of those things.

She is Very Good at What She Does

We could argue that appearing like an expensive slut is now necessary to keep her momentum going or her brand would die. I say she is really really good at what she does and hey, it beats hanging around in Black Diamond for the next “good mzungu” to show up. She has applied herself to getting her name out there by showcasing “glam” or “bling” at every opportunity. She has relentlessly observed how people react with varying degrees of love and hate by her actions, and works it like a stripper! Love her or hate her, she knows exactly what she is doing. At least I truly hope so. In addition, she is actually extremely hot!!

Access to Money But No Class

One thing is for sure, she makes it blatantly obvious that she has no class. No one of any standing or common decency would behave the way she does regarding expensive items and you definitely do not tell your fans, many of whom are living in or close to poverty, you have a ring worth more than Ksh100 million shillings. [b]Class demands that people may hold you in awe and know your worth without you having to spell it out for them[/b] everytime you step onto an aeroplane or into a shopping mall. I know that somehwere she has a heart. I just hope for her sake that the scars of a hard life do not suffocate it to death.

If Huddah stopped acting like an expensive slut she would probably continue to grow her wealth if she is truly smart. But once a tramp always a tramp. In fact, she should start a Socialite College, there are thousands of chics who would attend.

Don’t forget the true definition of a socialite though:

“A socialite is a person (usually from a privileged, wealthy or aristocratic background), who has a largely known reputation and a high social position in upper class society.”

So I guess Huddah is actually not a socialite.

This has recently been misnomered to:

“A person who is rich and unemployed. Must be in active contact with the media and other rich and unemployed people”


But this is just my take on things.

After all is said and done though; Huddah is Hot!!!!! Damn!

The Heron Hotel in Milimani took me by surpirse. Everthing I found inside including the price (apart from the restaurant) was impressive. Of course, space was obviously at a premium and so the car park is rather awkward but the standard of finishing was superior to many other luxury hotels I have had the priviledge of staying at. This place is far better, in my opnion, than Sarova Stanley, Panari although I should not really compare a boutique hotel to a commercial chain. The new owners have done wonders so far as I am concerned.

But, the restaurant at dinner was really weird. Okay, it was empty so I already felt lonely in there but after the waiter spilt half of my rice over me without bringing out more or cleaning up the mess leaving me to look like a savage with no up bringing or table manners, I lost a little respect for the place.

However, my memories were not too badly tainted by the restaurant because all other members of staff where amazing! So, Food and Beverage manager, get with the program and don’t let your hotel down.

Would I stay there again? Probably.

Find out more…

Tribe Hotel is the epitome of ostentatious coldness. It appeared to me, having stayed there with my family including my 3 year old son, to be where everyone who wants to be someone wants to be. Maybe its the fashion shows and the Range Rovers they have gliding all over the place or maybe its just the uncomfortable chairs/stools/thingys located in reception that look really cool. The restaurant feels like it doesn’t want to be there and the so caled “suite” we stayed in had a glass wall to the bathroom through which I watched my Mrs going to the loo and a view over staff quarters. What!? The corridor to the rooms felt like I was an entertainer walking through the floodlit approach to my debut performance with all the nerves associated and the glamour that is showbiz. Open the red curtain…..and the room! Great finishing of a very high standard why lie but, I said but. Cold, very cold. I don’t know upon which burial grounds this hotel was built but something sinister is going on  :dodgy: .

Probably good for a bunch of trendies trying to look good and a great place to say you are staying at but it has no soul.

Would I stay there again? No wayyyyy!

But hey, at least I can say “I’ve stayed at Tribe!”

Find out more or book

The Panari hotel has some stunning views across Nairobi National Park and is in an enviable position. No other hotel can beat it for those wanting an early start out of Nairobi towards Mombasa (not even Ole Sereni). However, a hotel cannot rest on its location alone, or can it? The rooms are adequate but so outdated its a shame. It feels like it used to be luxurious and plush but the [b]luxury got worn out and the plush got flushed[/b] over the decades. There is way too much underutilised space on the reception floor and the restaurant on the same floor just doesn’t feel right but I have not put my finger on why right now.

The building is an architectural nightmare and is more suited to a reality TV show about hide and seek. Trying to find the Portuguese buffet is a mission and the restaurant looks like it is older than the building itself. Also, finding the reception floor has to be done from a specific lift and then to further floors, but not all, you have to take another lift but only to the 3rd floor and then changhe lift, catch a matatu…blah blah blah, crazy!

The beautiful view from each floor just by the lifts could keep you sitting there for hours thinking about love, life and just how you’ll get back out of the building after several shots of cognac and then navigating multiple lift shafts and turnings.

Would I stay here again? Yeah probably!

The Panari Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

I really felt like I was on a ship but a really big one judging by the distance I had to cover to get to my room. I went across restaurants, down into other rooms and then up more stairs to the other side. Then up again through an empty and lost looking restaurant which was always empty and then more stairs…….before I reached to the foot of the building within which my room was located and then, yes…more stairs!

But that aside the place is nice for everyone including familes with fun activities such as table tennis (I love it!), pool activities for teenagers and best of all………. AN ALL INCLUSIVE BAR ALL DAY AND EVERYWHERE……..WHAT! This place is cool and I think I didn’t pay more than around Ksh13,000 – the FOOD is free too! There are several swimming pools but the beer is FREE!!!!!! FREE!

Anyway, the buffet meals are splendid (and the beer….sorry) with great variety and fresh produce daily at all three sittings. Did not help my diet mind you! Fun place to stay although, the hot towels at check in did not smell so fresh and I went ahead and wiped my hands, face and arms…..YUCK! Had to run off to the toilet and to rinse off. So Voyager, sort out the hot towels!

Would I stay here again? HELL YEAH!!!!!!

Voyager Beach Resort, Mombasa, Kenya

Eastlands Hotel Nairobiis in an excellent location being just a stone’s throw away from Prestige Mall, Yaya Centre and Junction, with easy access to the CBD. The bathrooms are a little old and depressing but clean enough. The beds are comfortable and room sizes are OK but not big. A bit on the expensive side when one considers that for less money you can find luxury apartment suites very close by. The only restaurant is Chinese at the moment and you get the distinct feeling once you enter the hotel car park that you have entered “their world” as the hotel is a Chinese owned hotel specialising in welcoming Chinese business men and women to Nairobi (my perception). Not a bad thing really and the bog bowl of chicken noodle soup is incredible, no lie. The restaurant is huge athough I wish they had donated some of it to the car park which is a nightmare to park in at times. No gym or swimming pool!


Even though I was not impressed by Eastlands Hotel I was also not disgusted as it is in a fantastic location and it really is adequate, clean and safe.

Would I stay there again? Only at a push!

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Pins and Wheels iOS Game FREE

Pins and Wheels iOS Game FREE This game is addictive and highly annoying at times but you just have to keep trying until you win and thats where it starts. You can pass away otherwise boring hours with this nail bitingly intense game that has two game plays, Pins and…

Safaricom partners with Skrill UK

Skrill Partners with Safaricom for UK to MPESA Transfers UK online payment gateway, Skrill, partnered with Safaricom in January 2016 which will see Kenyans living in the diaspora sending money to Kenya affordably and with the minimum of fuss. The new partnership signals the onset of serious competition in the…

Somebody please remind me of why exactly I can’t take a selfie in Junction Mall

Why can’t we take pictures in Junction Mall again? Why? Sorry people but not being allowed to take a selfie or a picture of my buddies and I whilst we eat pizza in Nairobi don’t make sense to me! How on this planet earth is anyone taking a picture in…

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